What Is The Best Lottery Software Program?

What Is The Best Lottery Software Program?

This is a really tough question to answer. Why? Mainly because it really depends on what you are expecting the software to do.

Yeah, I know, you just want a program that you can push a button and it spits out the winning numbers 🙂

Well, let me be really clear: That Does Not Exist.

Anyone trying to sell you lottery software that even suggests it does this is full of shit.

So What Can You Really Expect

If you’re looking for software that does analysis, attempts to provide better numbers to play or prediction of any kind – the best you can expect is that it may give you a small advantage. That’s the reality.

Is it worth having a small advantage? Damn straight it is! Lotteries are really hard to win so anything you can do to improve your chances is going to be well worth it.

But be realistic, no software is going to replace your day job with an income from playing the lottery. It just doesn’t work that way, and those people claiming they make a living from playing Pick 3 are actually lying. Forget that garbage and just try and win a decent sized jackpot just the once – that would do nicely right?

So where to from here? Well, you can always check out my reviews of the best software – it’s not a huge list yet, but the reviews are properly detailed and expanding all the time.

Or just go Googling. But be prepared for a lot of silly claims and expensive nonsense. At least you’ll be better prepared now to know the reality of what to expect versus what the sales pitch says!

Not The Only Kind Of Software

Whilst analysis/prediction tools seem to be what most people want, it’s not the only kind of lottery software! You can also find programs to help manage your syndicate, or manage your entries and print out your playslips. Or wheeling sofware to create tickets using mathematically derived win guarantees by just entering the pool of numbers you want to play.

So just be clear on what you want from the tool before you go looking. That way you’ll have a much easier time avoiding all the rubbish out there 🙂

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